What’s your obesity grade?

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If it is more than 30,

You are obese

For sure, you must be límited to do these things
  • Tie your shoes
  • Find your size easily
  • Make love passionately
  • You have constantly lost and gained weight
  • You do not fit in a single chair or seat
  • You have an impaired health
  • You do not go to parties because you do not have
    anything to wear
  • You want to have kids but you cannot
  • It is not possible to play with your family
  • You do not rest while you sleep

Making real your hope for a healthy life

Medical team

José Carmona M.D.

with every member of GastroObeso medical team, offers their vocation, ethics, knowledge, and well-known experience in bariatric patients, addressing each case individually.

Bariatric Surgery

Can help you accomplish three main goals:

  • Lose weight significantly
  • Do not regain lost weight
  • Have a better quality of life

It is the best available obesity treatment, effective and minimally invasive. It is the option when you have tried everything.