Our surgeries

In Gastro Obeso, we specialize in bariatric interventions, everyday we achieve more and more successful interventions on a national and international level.

There are several types of bariatric surgeries that apply according to the patient’s level of obesity, among others considerations.



The gastric bypass consists in creating a new small stomach that allows the patient to feel satisfied with small portions of food, this stomach connects with the small intestine directly in a way that decrease the absortion of several food groups.


It consist in making a reduction in the stomach’s capacity, giving it a tubular or sleeve shape of less capacity, allowing the patient to feel satisfied with little amounts of food.

This surgery constitutes an excellent alternative because it yields very good results with few inconveniences.

It is recommended for patients with mild obesity and does not affect food absortion.



This procedure is recommended for mild obesity and overweight patients.

It consists in placing a soft silicon sphere inside the stomach, which it is inflated with liquid and it is left loose inside the stomach, this produces a fullness sensation, decreasing appetite and provoking an early fullness.

This helps reduce hunger. In contrast with surgeries describe above, this procedure does not require hospitalisation, or general anesthesia.


In cases that the patient has had a bariatric surgery before and it is related with insufficient weight loss, weight regain after a satisfactory weight loss or disturbing symptoms like severe food intolerance, abdominal pain, frequent vomiting or severe symptoms of gastroesophagic reflux, among others, summary unsatisfactory results.

This cases require a correcting reintervention with previous medical assessments.