One of the goals of being assesed by every speciality is to get you to optimal conditions for the intervention

Phase I: Pre-Surgery

  • Appointments / Medical assessment

    You will have the exclusive advantage to be assessed in every medical discipline simultaneously and in one place, you will be tested to obtain the right diagnosis. We coordinate your schedule for every medical visit with our specialists, and laboratory tests as well.

  • Laboratory analysis

    We work with laboratories that guarantee reliability of every analysis, availability of reactants and time of results delivery.

  • Financing

    We provide counseling and/or guidance in the consolidation of requirements to arrange financial resoruces in those cases that demand it.

  • Insurance companies

    We will provide you all requirements needed in order to speed up your surgery coverage.

Phase II: Surgery Execution

With your consent, we will select a Medical Center where the procedure will take place. Headed by Dr. José Carmona and his team, we guarantee you high quality of care, for your medical attention and intervention.

Phase III: Post Bariatric Surgery


In this last phase, we have come up with necessary instruments that will allow us to guide you in the big step of becoming healthy.

Our counselling will be very specialized to help you accomplish the goal, which is the real challenge.